Bowley Lock Company Inc. High Security Padlock Model 543 Redefine The Definition of High Security

Bowley Padlock Model 543 2

In 2015, Canadian creator Ryan Bowley crowdfunded his deadbolt Bowley Lock – it was asserted to be for all intents and purposes pick-verification, yet still, come with a reasonable price. Presently, he’s back on Kickstarter with an exceptionally muscular lock that fuses a similar innovation.

Bowley Padlock Model 543 5

After the initial success, the company decided to design the biggest, strongest and most secure padlock we could envision. Being the second product they launch, the maker did not want to let the customers down, so they have taken the technology behind cylinder and key to the next level. Meet Model 543 from the Bowley Lock Company.



Bowley Padlock Model 543 3

The Bowley 543 High-Security Padlock is worked with a mind-boggling innovation which is thought to be a standout amongst the pick proof, bump proof, and tamper proof. The bolt includes a double protected 9-stick center which has more than 2.3 billion key mixes and a deadbolt 5-stick configuration that is to a great degree impervious to all types of assaults.


Advanced Key and Slot Technology 

Bowley Padlock Model 543 1

The one of a kind key and the key opening make this bolt almost unpickable. The key enters the bolt at a 45° angle. The double forks of the key go around the double shields in the bolt until the point that they line up with the pins, which enables the way to embed more remote into the bolt.


Hardened Steel

Bowley Padlock Model 543 2

The shackle is a 7/16″ solidified steel nickel-plated piece which is shielded from cutting attack by an expansive monitor on the bolt body, while a 1/4″ thick solidified 17-4 SS base plate guarantees protection from penetrating assaults on the center.


The Real Unique

Bowley Padlock Model 543 4

The backers can pick between a moderately lightweight aluminum-bodied model, the stainless steel show, or a Kickstarter-only metal variant. You can choose to go from US$137 for the aluminum to US$176 for the metal one. The Model 543 is relied upon to dispatch in September.

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