Gate Smart Lock: The World’s First Camera-Equipped Smart Lock

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For every homeowner, security is the main point that cannot be ruled out. Moreover, if you live in a large city area, which usually has a high crime rate. Anticipating things that are not desirable must be considered early on and sometimes investment in this sector is a must.


One of the best ways to maintain the security of the house is to install an integrated system which, of course, start with the lock. One of the most prominent locks in the market is made by Gate which according to Forbes is making “The World’s Most Sophisticated Lock that Simplifies Your Life”

The company launched the Gate Smart Lock which was regarded as the “swiss army knife of a home lock” by CNET. Through the security system from Gate Smart Lock, it will guarantee your security, family, and everything inside the house.

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The Gate Smart Lock is giving the freedom to manage access to your home anytime and anywhere. It could be said that the Gate Smart Lock is a home key that is provided by a system of recognition like on nowadays smartphone.

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Through the safety system, you can see anyone who visits home through a motion camera. In addition, you can communicate via two-way audio. Embedding various kinds of security systems, the Gate Smart Lock is coming as 3 in 1 complete package.

You will get the wide-lens camera, audio, and call button features via the led keypad. The system will also allow you to operate the Gate Smart Lock through a smartphone device.

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The system pinned to Gate Smart Lock is able to track who comes to your house. The way this system works is through the PIN code with videos available on the camera. As for the installation of the system, you don’t need to worry because it’s very easy and will take just a few minutes.

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On the plus side, the safety technology does not require an electric terminal because it uses environmentally friendly lithium-ion recharging batteries that are environmentally friendly.  The company claims that their battery is gonna stay for a long time.

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The Gate Smart Lock is equipped with a key cylinder that you can use instead of a conventional key. The advancement doesn’t just stop there, you can also connect the Gate Smart Lock to your Wi-Fi networks.

Through this network, you can track anyone who comes through a smartphone device. The Gate Smart Lock can be accessed via an Android or iOS operating system.

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Besides being able to be operated via a smartphone, the  Gate Smart Lock is also capable of taking the role of the classic CCTV. The recordings will be stored automatically for 30 days. The company is offering three options that differ on the period of the Premier Plus Service which unlock the full potential of the product. The official price is starting at $249 for the Basic Service Plan while the $349 option will get you 2 years of the Premier Plus Service. The choice is yours!

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