De Tomaso P72: A Tribute to Celebrate De Tomaso’s 60th Anniversary

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The Goodwood Festival of Speed 2019 does not only feature historic racing cars on the pages of Goodwood House, West Sussex, England. In addition to the legendary cars that are back on display, there is a modernized version up to the debut of new models that show a charming display and frightening engine for racing.

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The iconic Italian car brand, De Tomaso, came back to life after the bankruptcy of 2004. After being bought in 2014 by Hong Kong-based Ideal TeamVenture company (also the owner of Apollo Automobil), De Tomaso is ready to make its second debut with the P72 hypercar at the Goodwood Festival of Speed 2019 this week.

Right on their 60th birthday. Just like the iconic De Tomaso car in the past, Pantera, the P72 supercar features all forms of luxury typical of Italy. The design of the car is inspired by the style of the ’60s. And remind people of the P70 prototype, the Ford Shelby X collaboration

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The reborn De Tomaso brand revealed the new Project P. Officially known as P72, this name is reminiscent of the classic P70 De Tomaso and little known. De Tomaso represented the team’s interpretation of the GT1 cars in the late 90s, where P72 recalled the 1960s prototype version.

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There is still no information about the powertrain used by the P72. Ryan Berris, the General Manager of De Tomaso said that the will reveal the details next time, but for now, the main focus of the company is to create a product that remains loyal to the core value of the De Tomaso brand.

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The only information we got so far is that the P72 is using the same carbon-fiber monocoque chassis that is adopted from its brother, V12 Apollo supercar Intensa Emozione. But considering that in the past De Tomasso was familiar with the V8 engine, it was safe to assume P72 would at least got the same engine.

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This neo-retro Supercar, presented by De Tomaso as “a machine to go back in time”, intends to mark the minds as the model Pantera in his time. And its beautiful lines could well make its touch the goal sooner rather than later.

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The concept of P71 maybe a lil bit nostalgic but all of the luxury that become one of the main attraction of this brand is still intact in the form of classy interior. The company completely cover the interior with premium leather that accentuates the overall concept of the car.

De Tomaso incorporates a cockpit dressed for its leather and copper finishes, the design of the elements that compose it is also largely inspired models of the past such as gear lever and circular analog dials.

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De Tomaso P72 is currently in the process of being homologated and as we mentioned before, the whole of its technical sheet is not yet known, but its production should be limited to 72 cars and offered at a unit price of around $800,000.


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