Pipistrel ALPHA Electro: A Completely New Approach to Flight Training

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Based on the Pipistrel tradition regarding the evolution of technology. The company always trying to present a technology that is sustainable, quality, and not damaging to the environment. Well, the latest product they called Alpha Electro represents the best technology that aims to describe the exact purpose of the aircraft.

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Pipistrel is claiming that their new aircraft allows it to be adopted into the Light Sports Aircraft Flying School in each country under the FAA-LSA category. The aircraft has been designed using the essence of training that shows in the main design language of the Alpha Elecro of the training.

The concept is still a new thing in the market and as such, the company is using the modern alphabet starting with the letter A on their first lineup of this plane. Therefore this new aircraft adopted the name Alpha, more precisely Alpha Electro.

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The Alpha Electro is used in fixed configuration instrumentation and is targeted to flight schools and basic training. Not only that, but Alpha Electro can also be used for recreational leaflets for anyone who is looking for a full-featured electric aircraft and, of course, with affordable prices.

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In terms of performance, this aircraft uses electric power with two seats. Then, the Alpha Electro is adjusted based on the needs of the flight school. You can fly with a short take-off distance, and a height of around 1000+ fpm, and a strong aircraft endurance plus a backup.

There is no need to worry about safety because Alpha Electro is equipped with an air traffic pattern that allows it to correct the flight times. In addition, the energy is restored through each approach, capable of increased durability, making it easier to land in short terrain distances.

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The advantages that you can get from flying with Alpha Elector including the systematics and flight procedures that are quite easy to understand for beginner students. In addition, the engine used on this aircraft is quite tame and does not produce a shock effect when turned on.

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If you are a flight student and is using this training aircraft, you don’t need to worry about the operating system because it’s quite easy and the maintenance is just as easy. Ease of maintenance is due to guaranteed access to quality parts to maintain the quality of the aircraft to stay excellent.

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Alpha Electro can traverse circuits with temperatures above 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Managing a hot temperature is easy, as the Alpha Electro has vents that can be opened at any time.

Suppose there is an impromptu test at night. You don’t need to hesitate because this plane has a strobe light that works well at night. As for security, the Alpha Electro provides a ballistic parachute and advanced braking system to anticipate emergencies.

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