LensShifter: The Only Balanced Focus & Zoom Camera Lens Grip

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Great photography is tied in with having a decent eye, and great camera aptitudes. Great camera abilities normally come down to two things. Accuracy, and timing. LensShifter goes for upgrading both of the key aspects.

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The ‘LensShifter’ has been produced as a consistent gadget that will empower picture takers to catch shots with better precision on account of a basic yet tricky plan that can be effortlessly joined into your procedure. Lensshifter 7

Designed by Daniel Bauen + Microfacturing, the gadgets comprise of one handle for the zoom and another for the focus that can be included into a wide exhibit of various DSLR cameras.



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Using physics and a little bit of common sense, the LensShifter adds a handle/axle to your camera rings. A simple color-coded handle sits on each ring. One for the Zoom and the other for the Focus.

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it takes just seconds to introduce or expel LensShifter. In the event that you are exchanging between focal points regularly, we suggest getting a LensShifter set for every focal point to spare significantly additional time. LensShifter incorporates a Balance Counterweight adornment. You won’t need to stress over the LensShifter handle when you discharge it or move with the camera.


Easy and Steady

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The stabilizer stays safely on the belt when attached. It is effectively removable on the off chance that you pick not to utilize it.The toothed belt coordinates the grooves on the focus and zoom ring, guaranteeing a non-slip hold.

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The snugness of the belt is movable to your inclination, giving you extreme control and due to the length of the lever, when you move the ball, the relating center or zoom ring change just a small amount of that separation, guaranteeing more precision.

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LensShifter is compatible with most DSLR, Mirrorless, Micro 4/3, and other interchangeable camera lenses with a focus ring outer diameter between 56mm & 98mm. Even from the corner of your eye, you can subconsciously know you need to rotate the red handle for the zoom and the blue one for adjusting the focus.


The Ultimate Addition

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The ‘LensShifter‘ speaks to the growing nature of the photography market as photographers seek out aftermarket products to help them maintain an agile performance.

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