Qwerkywriter S®: The New Typewriter Inspired by Mechanical Keyboard

Qwerkywriter S® 4

When you have Qwerkywriter S®, you will get all things that you need in typing. With the aesthetic design, this new typewriter is stunning and also easy to use. Qwerkywriter S® works with almost all types of platform, like Win, Macos, Android, and also iOS. This typewriter has a patented design with industry-leading features, different from the others.


Qwerkywriter S® 4

Qwerkywriter S® is a multi-device with wireless connectivity. It can be connected to some multiple wireless devices that you have at the same time. So you can have a tablet, a laptop, and also a mobile phone that all connected wirelessly to this typewriter.

Qwerkywriter S® is also designed with wired USB mode. This mode is supported by NKRO for type-warriors and professionals. It can perform at the best levels without strokes or dropping any letters when you are typing.



Qwerkywriter S® 5

With dual function scroll knobs, Qwerkywriter S® is very easy to be controlled, especially the Volume on the left knob and the Mouse Scroll on the right. The heart of this new typewriter is made by the German-engineered Cherry MX for the best performance.


The Use

Qwerkywriter S® 3

Qwerkywriter S® is made with an integrated tablet stand. It can accommodate the use of comfortable screen up to 10.5 inches. You can also use this typewriter with 12-inch tablets with less than 5/8 inch in thickness. The metal macro programmable Return Bar can be programmed into more than 15 characters of signatures.



Qwerkywriter S® 1

The chassis is made with a new scratch-resistant aluminum alloy to give you the best device with its durability and quality. Qwerkywriter S® inspired keycaps with some improvement, automotive grade electroplating, and also stability.



Qwerkywriter S® 2

The thing that makes Qwerkywriter S® is different from other typewriter is its technology. It works with Win, iOS, Macos, and also Android. You can use this awesome typewriter with your smartphone, your tablet, or your laptop too.

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