Phantom Speaker: The Best Sound Ever in the World

Phantom Speaker 9

This is the Phantom, the best speaker with the best sound ever in the world. With an easy connection, this speaker will give you an intense emotional experience. Phantom Speaker comes with a high-end ultra-dense sound with a powerful and clear quality that you can’t find on other speakers.

New Way to Enjoy Music

Phantom Speaker 9

Phantom Speaker can be your new way to listen to your favorite music. You can access a lot of artists via streaming services like Deezer, Spotify, YouTube, and more. This speaker is available in three different types, the New Phantom, Silver Phantom, and Gold Phantom.



Phantom Speaker 6

Phantom Speaker 5

Phantom Speaker 4

The New Phantom, Silver Phantom, and Gold Phantom can give you a wide option based on your need of a speaker. Three of them have some different specifications. If you need a simple speaker, you should choose the New Phantom. But if you want to create a home cinema, then Gold Phantom will be perfect.



Phantom Speaker 8

With ADH® or Analog Digital Hybrid, this speaker can give you a powerful and compact result of digital amplification. It is a Devialet patented technology, a revolution of technology in a speaker for transparency and clarity of sound.

Phantom Speaker 7

Phantom Speaker also has HBI® or Heart Bass Implosion. It is made to deliver an awesome sound with the lowest frequencies ever. The SAM® or Speaker Active Matching also makes this speaker able to reproduce the exact tempo and rhythm of your favorite music.

Phantom Speaker 1

The ACE technology or Active Cospherical Engine will create a balance of sound with zero surface diffraction. The EVO platform on this speaker offers some latest upgrades for you, hassle-free and also wirelessly.

Phantom Speaker 3



Phantom Speaker 2

This speaker is designed with more than 1600 parts and also 60 different assembly techniques in its engineering process. Phantom has been tested for over 200 quality controls, ensuring its quality for you in the best way.

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