iFi Aurora: All-in-one music system that sounds as good as it looks.

Ifi Aurora 1

After repeatedly introducing trial versions at major audio shows, iFi has officially introduced a complete version of its first all-in-one speaker named Aurora. The company affirmed that this is a new step of the company to meet the demand of listening to hi-tech music.

Ifi Aurora 1

This Aurora model was designed by Julian Haziza, who also design the xDSD and xCAN models. Aurora is designed based on ideas from works designed by famous designer Tadao Ando. The process of designing to finishing the product is extremely difficult. It requires the creative power of the whole iFi team.

The name Aurora was also introduced by the company in hope that the audio system can help listeners enjoy music in a large space like the sky of the dawn. iFi Audio planned that the Aurora can be the speaker that capable of optimizing the listening space.

Ifi Aurora 2

Aurora has many different digital input ports such as USB, S / PDIF RCA Coaxial, optical Toslink, LAN, Micro SD, Bluetooth, and WiFi. The file format supports up to 32 bit / 192 kHz PCM via WiFi and LAN input.

The outer part uses hard bamboo wood, this material not only helps the appearance to be beautiful and firm but also shows extremely good sound absorption feature.

Ifi Aurora 3

Inside, the iFi Aurora uses up to 8 drivers with special designs. Four main drivers 120mm in diameter are distributed 2 speakers on the front and each speaker on each side. These drivers cover the frequency range of 60Hz to 8kHz, with high linearity and high resonance points that exceed the hearing threshold of the human ear. The tech helps the listener feel smooth and neutral midrange and high range to ensure accuracy.

Ifi Aurora 5

Two silk dome tweeters with a diameter of 28mm are fitted in two corners on the front of the speaker. These speakers assume the high range with frequencies above 8kHz acting as super tweeters to help the soundstage of the speaker be airy like high-end speakers.

Ifi Aurora 8

Two passive woofer speakers are located on the bottom of the speaker, above the iFi Audio logo-printed surface and equipped with the special “TrueBass” sound tuning technology, which helps the bass range of the speaker. These two woofers take care of the frequency range below 27Hz and can be tuned according to the needs of the listener.

Ifi Aurora 9

Special DAC / Amplifier circuit named PureEmotion®reserved for this speaker model. The DAC chip part is handled by an ESS Saber 32-bit DAC chip, the pre-amp circuit uses a 6N3P vacuum tube while the amplifier floor uses a Class D circuit.

Another technology provided by iFi in the Aurora speaker model is “ART (Automatic Room Tailoring)”. This is a technology that adjusts the room’s most advanced with the ability to adjust the soundstage, sound quality based on the room of the listener.

Ifi Aurora 4

At the back of the Aurora speakers, there are a total of 6 microphones facing both sides as well as behind the speakers. These built-in microphones will measure room feedback and automatically optimize the sound with a 32-bit DSP signal processor.

Ifi Aurora 7

The iFi Aurora speaker is considered one of iFi’s biggest projects that combine its modern design and superior sound quality. The products that are equipped with the most advanced technology today are expected to be available in the summer of 2020 with a rumored price tag of $ 1499.

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