Cambridge Audio Melomania 1: Your music. For longer.

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Melomania 1, this name might sound strange when it was pinned to a wireless earphones product. Despite having an anti-mainstream name, these earphones are noteworthy. Aside from some outstanding features, this earbud is a product made by Cambridge Audio which is famous for its class of touch in all products that have been launched.

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But there is one particular feature that stands out from Melomania 1, which is the ability to “survive” of usage time of 45 hours which certainly will make ease it user on looking for a power outlet when it runs out of power. That way, Melomania 1 users can enjoy the sensation of music with a satisfying experience.

With one charge, Melomania 1 can last longer than other product earphones, such as Apple’s second-generation AirPods. The extra juice feature makes Cambridge Audio even more confident that their earphone is the main alternative to AirPods.

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In term of the aesthetic, Melomania 1’s charging casing has a size similar to AirPod. These earphones are also spot on first in the bud-end, so you can enjoy satisfaction due to a secure magnet. Furthermore, there is a ring of light on the outer surface of the earphone that will pulsate/vibrate when the charging is done.

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Another advantage possessed by Melomania 1 is the charging time. If you charge it for 15 minutes, Melomania 1 capable of staying on for 2 hours. Then, if you charge the earphone for one hour, the earphone can last up to 6 hours. To fully charge it, the Melomania 1 require 90 minutes of charging time.

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Well, just in case all the extra juice and quick charging features are still not enough, the case from Melomania 1 has a total holding charge capability that is sufficient to charge the Melamonia 1 four times which will give its users around 36 hours of additional usage time.

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Melomania also has all the best features of a modern earphone. IPX5 water resistance is the foremost guardian for splashy conditions while wearing the products that are claimes to be quite lightweight.

Talking about the weight of Melomania 1 itself, Cambridge Audio has prep silicone material components that are super fit on the very lightweight earphone – a 4.6g each.

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Cambridge Audio also complements the Melomania 1 with a Bluetooth 5.0 connection to ensure the best connection level which also increases the efficiency of battery usage.

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With all the hype on wireless earphones, the variations of product are also scattering on the market. It’s hard to find the best one on everybody pockets but at least, we do know that the level of prestige that Cambridge Audio has will be the main guarantee to choose Melomania 1.



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