Elago W6 Stand for Apple Watch: View your Apple Watch display through a blast from the past

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The era of smartwatches is already on the rise and Apple Watch is indeed in the center of it. Smartwatch with its function can really become a huge help in a busy modern life. The functionality of Apple Watch is hugely involving in the market share that now, lots of people is eyeing on the secondary use of the product.


Elago W6 Stand for Apple Watch is one of the products that is marketed for those who wear Apple Watch on a daily basis and wanted to test the water by expanding the horizon of usage of the smartwatch. And the company behind the product adopt a more classic approach to their design.

The W6 Stand product for Apple Watch is now able to facilitate the Apple Watch users to play songs or for other various other activities. The usefulness of this stand will actually make it easier for us to charge the smartwatch.

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In addition, this stand will also make the smartwatch display become more varied with, of course, an attractive vintage design. Functionality wise, the Elago W6 Stand will make it easier for its users to use the smartwatch in various places. The users can use this stand as an alarm on the bed table and also see notifications.

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The compatibility of the W6 Stand for Apple Watch is also very wide since this product can be put on all Apple watch series from the first to the fourth-gen for every dimension namely 38 mm, 40 mm, 42 mm and 44 mm diameters.

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The most distinguishing feature of the product in the form in this product where it has a shape that looks like the classic iPod-style. This is a special attraction for users who want to give a classic impression to charge the battery on their Apple watch.

Elago also uses only the best silicone material and immerses the scratch-free feature to help maintain aesthetics while also keeping it looking good when placed in several places.

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The manufacturer of the W6 for Apple Watch is also quite confident with the quality of their products and provide a 30-day guarantee during the usage period of 1 year. This product is marketed at $14.99 and has several color variations.


W6 Stand for Apple Watch

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