NightWatch: Transforming the Apple Watch into a Nightstand Marvel


NightWatch introduces a groundbreaking touch screen designed exclusively for Apple Watch NightStand mode. This innovative product features a patented technology that magnifies the Apple Watch display, providing users with a large, easy-to-use touch screen for nighttime interaction.

Enhanced Alarm Functionality

One of the key features of NightWatch is its ability to amplify sound. The integrated sound channels are engineered to enhance your alarm, ensuring that you never miss a wake-up call. This feature is particularly beneficial for heavy sleepers or those who rely on their Apple Watch alarm to start their day.

Magnetic Drop-In Charging

Charging your Apple Watch with NightWatch is effortless. The design includes a magnetic drop-in charging system where the Apple Watch charger fits perfectly. The cord chamber accommodates both left and right positions, making it suitable for any desktop or bedside table. Once the watch is placed in the chamber, it automatically switches to NightStand mode, displaying a full clock face.

Premium Build Quality

NightWatch stands out not only in functionality but also in its design and build quality. Crafted from a single piece of solid lucite, the base is hand-polished to a mirror finish, giving it a luxurious and sophisticated appearance. This heavy base ensures stability and adds an element of elegance to any setting.

Source: NightWatch

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