Voltron 21311: The Biggest Buildable LEGO on the Market

Voltron 21311 8

This awesome product from LEGO will be coming soon on August, 1st 2018. With Voltron 21311, you can have a great playing time with your kids to defend the universe. It is the best product to recreate and also display from the 1980s animated TV series of Voltron. Voltron 21311 is buildable and also highly poseable with its special design.


Voltron 21311 8

Voltron 21311 7

This Voltron super robot from LEGO has a shield and a huge sword. Those things can firmly attach to the robot’s hands. You can also transform this robot into 5 posable and also buildable lions with different colors.



Voltron 21311 6

Voltron 21311 4

Voltron 21311 1

Voltron 21311 2

The Lions come in five different colors, green, red, yellow, blue, and also black. You can build those lions and also combined to make an awesome giant Voltron super robot. You can play with those lions individually or combine them with the string joint to your Voltron.



Voltron 21311 5

Voltron 21311 3

The shield and the sword come in silver-colored elements. You will also get a booklet with the building instructions to set the 2,321 pieces. This awesome robot has 15 inches in height, 5 inches in width, and also 8 inches in length. A perfect size to be placed on your desk or a cabinet to display it.

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