G1™ Intermediate: The World’s Toughest Dog Crate

G1™ Intermediate 6

G1™ Intermediate is the only thing that you need for your dog. It is the world’s toughest dog crate, designed for your travel with your dog in a peace of mind. With a lot of exclusive features, G1™ Intermediate is the only one dog crate that earns 5 Star Crash Test Rating. It becomes the best dog crate in the world.


G1™ Intermediate 6

G1™ Intermediate 5

This dog crate has a patented design that can fit most dogs for more than 75 lbs. You will also get a lifetime warranty with is American made design. The double wall rotomolded can keep your dog always safe wherever you go.



G1™ Intermediate 4

The double-wall construction can give your dog the best guards against humidity and UV rays. The water-repelling windows also can limit the seasonal element penetration. The elevated feet can limit the heat transmission from the crate surfaces.

G1™ Intermediate 3

The escape-proof door is custom welded, reinforced, and also powder coated with the aluminum frame. With a drain plug and drainage system, G1™ Intermediate is very easy to be cleaned. The superstrong carry handles will give you an easy way to carry it.



G1™ Intermediate 2

G1™ Intermediate 1

The exterior dimensions are about 34 inches for the length, 23 inches for the width, and also 28.5 inches for the height. The interior dimensions are different from the exterior. It has 30 inches for the length, 18 inches for the width, and also 25 inches for the height. The dimensions may vary based on the manufacturing.

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