LEGO Creator Ford Mustang: Discover the magic of an iconic 1960s American muscle car

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There are not many classic cars that are more notable than the Ford Mustang. So it’s fitting that the LEGO Creator next car copy speaks to this bit of muscle car history. The new Lego Creator Ford Mustang set will set you up with a foot-long 1,470-piece  that isn’t just astounding yet super detail.

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All things considered, at 13-inches in length, 5-inches wide, and more than 3-inches high, it’s not such little for a LEGO model. It’s the most recent unit in the LEGO Creator arrangement, a legitimate copy of a 1967 Ford Mustang complete with the famous dull blue bodywork and differentiating white hustling stripes.

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There’s an air scoop on the hood, basic for keeping the itemized V8 motor – complete with battery, hoses, and air channel – running. All things considered, in your creative ability, at any rate. The storage compartment opens as well, and there are 5 wheels with elastic tires.

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LEGO incorporates various elective parts, so the builder can alter the vehicle as they wish. There’s a printed Mustang identification for the grille, alongside two GT tokens.

Be that as it may, you can likewise slap on a supercharger, a back ducktail spoiler, and greater tailpipes. There’s a discretionary front jaw spoiler, as well, and different tags. You can even include a nitrous oxide tank.

Lego Creator Ford Mustang 7

The back hub lift can be balanced, as well. On the whole, you can decide on a moderately practical Mustang GT500 on the off chance that you wish, or go to the totally outrageous and make the lifted, supercharged, drag strip beast.

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Inside the case, there is the directions and stickers that are pressed together, following the commendable pattern of huge sets as of late. The guidelines open with eight pages of data about both the set and the history of the car.

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The concise history of the vehicle is somewhat dissipated, including such subtleties as how the logo was created and that 19 shades of blue were offered somewhere in the range of 1967 and 1973, and it’s the perfect reading material for Mustang lovers and easygoing perusers alike.

Lego Creator Ford Mustang 10

LEGO says the set is for those over 16 years old. Similarly, as with all LEGO Creator sets, the company is putting an undeniably increasingly satisfactory tag of $149.99.


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