Vestaboard: An Amazing Mechanical Display to Update from Anywhere

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It must be fun to display messages, colors, and your everyday quotes from anywhere you want. That’s why Vestaboard comes to give you that fun feeling. It is an amazing mechanical display that you can update wherever you are. You can put Vestaboard at home or even your office too.


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Just put Vestaboard on your home wall in the kitchen, living room, or bedroom. You can send a message to your kids, display some awesome arts of color from your own creation, and organize your daily activities only with a single frame.



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If you have a cafe or restaurant, you can use Vestaboard to display what kind of menus that are available today for the customers. In the office, you can use this single frame to keep your team members work in a good sync.



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You just need to use the mobile apps on Android and iOS to get an easy control of Vestaboard. Using this app, you can update from anywhere you want. Don’t forget to subscribe the popular content on the app or set your pre-schedule messages.

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Vestaboard is very easy to be used. You can easily connect it with a lot of services like Google Calendar, Slack, and also your social media like Twitter. Set the app and connect it with them for automated updates every day.



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Using Vestaboard, you can work it with Google Home and Alexa to display your calendar activities. It will help you a lot to remember some important schedule in your family or your office. An easy way to update it in a frame.



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Vestaboard comes in a modular design with its perfect dimensions. The background color is off-black with French cleat of its wall mount. You need to use a standard 3-prong plug with 120 or 240 V and international adapters which are included.

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