Garmin VIRB® Ultra 30: 4K Action Camera with Voice Control and Data Overlays

Garmin Virb® Ultra 30 6

The increasing popularity of action cameras finally bugs Garmin to follow up the trend with a brand new device, called Garmin VIRB Ultra 30. This action camera is equipped with a variety of unique features and lots of capabilities.

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Dubbed as the “GoPro killer” Virb Ultra 30 brings a very rapid increase compared to its two predecessors. The name indicates its main ability, namely recording Ultra HD 4K at 30 fps, or it can also capture 240-fps slow-motion video in 720p resolution.


The 3-Axis System – Perfectly Balanced

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Accompanying the 12-megapixel sensor is an image stabilization 3-axis system that is ready to stabilize and smooth recording in various conditions. Garmin does not forget to attach high-intensity microphones, which is able to capture high-quality audio even though the camera is encased in an anti-water casing that can hold up to a 40 meters depth.


You Say It, The Cam Knows It

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But the biggest improvement in Virb Ultra 30 is a voice-based control system, the exact systems we found in the majority of the latest smartphones. This feature allows users to operate the camera without relying on their hands at all; just say sentences like “OK Garmin, start recording” or “OK Garmin, remember that” to mark certain moments in the recording.


Companion Apps – And No, It’s Not GoPro!

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Virb’s companion application on smartphones now also supports the live streaming feature to YouTube. Through this application, users can tether data such as speed or altitude on videos which are all collected by camera sensors, a feature popularized by Virb X and Virb XE which was released last year.

Garmin Virb® Ultra 30 6

By design, Virb Ultra 30 looks increasingly similar to GoPro. The back side is dominated by a touchscreen, and this screen can still operate even though the camera is in an anti-water casing. The dimensions are concise, only 88 grams including the battery unit. The battery itself is estimated to last for 1 hour when used for 4K video recording.


The GoPro Killer!

Garmin Virb® Ultra 30 1

Garmin Virb Ultra 30 is currently marketed for “just” $ 500 which is quite cheap for all the innovative features it packed. Seeing the sophisticated features offered, it looks like GoPro has a lot of homework to retain their domination.


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