Limitless Creativity, Check out How Balloon Become Beautiful yet Elegant Vase

Balloon Vase 6

Does this resemble your usual porcelain vase? Well get ready to be surprised, you are going to be very wrong for assuming this is just another basic flower vase. Balloon Vase 6

This vase has been made utilizing an inflatable object we all know as balloon yes, that’s balloon. Hold on and prepare to be blown away by other specs of this stunning product, you could even change the shade of the Balloon Vase whenever you would wish to!

Balloon Vase 5

The BalloonVase is made conceivable by the presence of a 3D printed structure made of white nylon plastic with a matte wrap up that engulf the overall design. Estimating about 3.4cm x 12.9 cm.

Balloon Vase 4

All you have to do is essentially just need to cut the neck of the inflatable to enable the edge to fit in effortlessly. At that point, water is needed to be filled inside the inflatable for the lump to set at the base.

Balloon Vase 3

The inward casing holds the inflatable up vertically thus when loaded with water, it seems, by all accounts, to be mysteriously standing vertically without spilling or tipping over.

Balloon Vase 1

Here is the exact instruction from the designer to utilize fully the potential of his product: “cut the end (the part that looks like a ring) of the balloon off with scissors.  Then stretch over the internal frame (large end first). Once the balloon is stretched over the entire frame, fill with water. (Tip: try to center the bottom of the balloon with the bottom ring of the internal frame.)”

Balloon Vase 2

You can just utilize this unique product to change balloon into an exquisite vase. The primarily preferred standpoint is that now you can change to any shade of vases as per your desire inside any seconds. The idea of Balloon Vase originates from OliveBird at Shapeways. Cost is $11.00.


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