Lapalma Exhibition 2016 with Tasting Rooms

Lapalma Tasting Rooms 9

In 2016, the Lapalma Exhibition comes with attracting rooms called the Tasting Rooms at the Salone. The main art director from Francesco Rotas is trying to combine the furniture with some awesome ideas by giving the different approach. Tasting Rooms surely brings a good taste for everyone who sees it in the exhibition. Let’s have a mini-tour to see what kind of Tasting Rooms are.


Color Design

Lapalma Tasting Rooms 11

The tasting rooms come with the color design, especially with the colorful furniture and the black-white accent around the furniture.


Large Room Art

Lapalma Tasting Rooms 10 Lapalma Tasting Rooms 9

Lapalma surely wants to show more about the Tasting Rooms more and more by creating a large room art for the whole furniture design.


Modern Taste

Lapalma Tasting Rooms 8

The rooms really have a modern taste with some awesome ideas for the whole design. It comes perfectly with the modern architecture by showing the mini bar with the best lighting.


Varied Furniture Designs

Lapalma Tasting Rooms 7

You will be able to see the random variation of furniture that comes in different colors and styles.


Futurist Design

Lapalma Tasting Rooms 6

Tasting Rooms are also decorated with the futurist design of the furniture and even the lighting with the lamp.


Comfort Zone

Lapalma Tasting Rooms 5

The art director is not only playing with the furniture but also trying to show the comfort zone with the furniture.


Combination Design

Lapalma Tasting Rooms 4

The furniture is not only the key to make the awesome Tasting Rooms. The rooms are also designed in a cool combination with the ceiling and light design.


Table and Stools

Lapalma Tasting Rooms 3

If you need an idea for a table and stools, you can get it from the Tasting Rooms. The table comes with the best storage and some cool stools.


Colorful Colors

Lapalma Tasting Rooms 2

Even the Tasting Rooms look elegant with the white and black accent, the furniture still comes with a good taste of showing a colorful color design.


Elegant Furniture

Lapalma Tasting Rooms 1

You can also find some elegant furniture with the black and white colors. Those types of furniture are not only unique but also has the best shape and size style.

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