NAN01: The World’s Smallest Astronomy Camera

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Canon and Nikon as the biggest brand in the camera market today have made a big leap in creating the best astronomical camera in its class.

But in 2016, a startup called TinyMOS has brought a new dimension as the company created the smallest astronomical camera manufacturer in the world, with a product called Tiny01. Now, the Singapore-based company is making a smaller camera dubbed Nano1.

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Tiny01 collects its capital through crowdfunding with nearly $ 500,000 in achievements at the closing of the Indiegogo campaign in July 2016. With a camera dimension of 113x69x22 mm, Tiny01 was the smallest camera in the world.

TinyMOS then launched the Nano1 which was much smaller than its predecessor, with dimensions of 62.5 x 42 x 28.8 mm, weighing only 100 grams. Using the F2.8 kit lens with a width of 170 degrees.

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The use of Nano1 is quite easy to be able to aim at an angle at the border, where the air situation is more free of pollution, and when the night conditions the sky looks bright enough to be photographed.

Armed with a Nano1 and a tripod, the user will be able to compensate for the performance of a DSLR, a large lens and a large tripod. Its capabilities are packaged through the Sony IMX377 CMOS sensor with 12-megapixel resolution, 2.33-inch IPS touch screen, and 1200mAh battery capacity, and micro SD slot.

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Nano1 is able to reduce noise due to low lighting. The video recording capability is capable of recording 4K resolution video at 60 fps, 1080pixel at 120 fps or 720pixel at 240 fps. This mini camera is also capable of capturing with a long exposure.

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Not only that, Nano1 has amazing capabilities, because it has dual mounting. First, the users can use the M12 lens using inner mounting or they can use a larger mounting with C glass. Both of them can use a telescope that is compatible with a reverse installation which is known as the main focus.

Exposure mode presets are available which are quite easy to photograph the sky at night, equipped with augmented reality star maps that can be tethered to the user’s smartphone. Its function is as a guide to see constellations and galaxies.

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Nano01 has dual-band 802.11n Wifi technology that helps operate the camera remotely or simply to transfer images or videos via an Android or iOS smartphone. With a range of its best capabilities, the price offered for Nano1 is around $ 300.




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