HP Reverb Virtual Reality Headset: The new benchmark in Commercial VR

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Early last year, there are rumors circulated about the possibility of HP working on a new VR headset with a very high resolution. The product has finally been officially introduced under the name HP Reverb, and what was previously reported is quite true.

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The main advantage of this device is its display panel, which offers a resolution of 2160 x 2160 pixels per eye, complete with an angle of view of 114 degrees. This means that HP Reverb is the highest-resolution Mixed Reality headset available on today’s market.

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In addition to promising stunning visual quality, HP Reverb is also designed to offer extra comfort. Its weight is very light at 499 grams, and it also comes with integrated headphones that support audio spatial.

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If you look at the front, there appears to be a pair of cameras embedded in the lower left and right ends. Interestingly, this camera supports the Windows Mixed Reality passthrough feature, which means users can see the surrounding area via the camera’s view without having to remove the headset.

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HP decided to offer two different HP Reverb versions: one consumer version, and another version for the enterprise. The difference between those two is in the accessories that complement the headset; the enterprise version is equipped with a fabric face mask and 0.6-meter cable to connect to the HP Z VR Backpack PC.

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HP is starting to release Reverb this month and the price is pegged at $ 599 for the consumer version while the enterprise version go price tag of $ 649. Like its predecessor, the two HP Reverb versions also feature a pair of Bluetooth motion controllers in the sales package.

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