Paddleboards Collection from Beau Lake Completes The Experience

Paddleboards Collection From Beau Lake 10

The Tremblant 11’6

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Named after Lake Tremblant in the north of Montreal in Canada. Throughout the years the lake has been the motivation of numerous painters due to its natural state. This staggering load mixes up with the contemporary outline with a vintage feel to make it look of ageless style.

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In a gesture to the roots of surfing, the company chooses¬†to “evacuate” the deck cushion so the owner can associate specifically with the regular materials of the board both physically and outwardly. For an additional layer of solace, you will need decent comfortable water shoes.

The One Drop

Paddleboards Collection From Beau Lake 3

In a joint effort with One Drop Foundation, Beau Lake welcomes you to guarantee accessibility and practical administration of water and sanitation for the world. The Special Edition One Drop board supports the One Drop Foundation’s nearby cooperation with governments to amplify the effect of every dollar in the field.

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The Special Edition One Drop board is wrapped with Rosewood on all sides. With a smooth complete and profundity of shading, it includes a sunburst painted edge roused by notable Gibson guitars.

The Rapid 14′

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The Rapid. Likewise named after the lake bearing its name on the western shore of Cabonga Reservoir in the Outaouais locale of Quebec, Canada. The end of the week racer is made with carbon fiber and Macassar midnight wood. Its length, shape, penetrating nose outline and level base make this board ultra quick and live up to its name.

The Jaguar 11’6″

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The limited edition Jag is inspired by the aerodynamic lines and personality of the classic 1950s Jaguar E-Type rally car. The Jag is hand shaped, very stable and is the fastest looking board in the huge and famous line of Beau Lake. The number 60 come from the E-Type that set the fastest pace at the 1960 Le Mans race held on Circuit de la Sartre.

The Muskoka 11’6″

Paddleboards Collection From Beau Lake 10

The Muskoka Board is a genuine Canadian unique. It’s a hand-made board produced using the best materials, for example, fiberglass and epoxy saps, completed with an exceedingly cleaned polyurethane UV-secured topcoat.

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Exceptional to this board is a custom layup of walnut and maple to bring out the decking of a vintage mid-century lake runabout. The board is extremely steady and is a cruiser on a basic level. The Muskoka is as much at home on a boathouse wall as it is cruising a crisp Canadian lake.

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