Cobra System RX: The World First Tactical Repeating Crossbow

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For those of you who have a fantasy to have a crossbow with extraordinary capabilities, then be prepared to try Cobra System Rx which is a crossbow designer for hunting purposes that has proven to be quite effective.

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Crossbows are hunting weapons that are quite effective for hunting target in medium to close range. The product maker has equipped several features such as shots, handles, and several features so that it will help the users of Cobra System RX crossbow.

The most important thing in this product is its repeating ability that increases user comfort and the most important thing is increasing the accuracy of the arrows that will be used later.

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Another advantage of the Cobra System Rx is that it zero sound features when fired. These advantages are not usually seen on firearms which are usually used for hunting. So by using this Cobra System RX, you can get more preys without having to worry about other preys to run away.

The next advantage of Cobra System Rx is that the how-to-use of this product is quite easy compared t arrows in general. With a fairly modern crossbow work system, its users don’t need to bother while shooting the arrows.

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The users of the Cobra System RX do not need to use excess power to increase the spring power to launch the arrow. With the application of a comfortable foregrip and system, the arrows that are launched will be able to fly to the target with high speed and accuracy.

As for the icing on the cake, the EK Archery complete the Cobra System RX with the perfect material to support the use of the crossbow. The world’s first tactical repeating crossbow got a price tag of $ 263.

Inside the Box
  • 6*15″  Carbon Bolts
  • String Wax
  • Shoulder Sling
  • AR15 Stock With Buffer Tube
  • Aluminum red dot sight
  • Sight Simple Foregrip
  • Goggles
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