Riptide R1X Electric Skateboard: Never Stop Riding!

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Riptide R1X Electric Skateboard is a breakthrough product and an upgrade form the classic skateboards that rely on manual foot movements. Equipped with many advanced features, Riptide R1X Electric Skateboard has a lot of features just like today’s smartphones.

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Supported by a modern and distinctive look, the Riptide R1X Electric Skateboard will make you appear confident and of course, doesn’t lose the sensation and those adrenaline surges while riding the skateboard.

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Advanced and modern features have been embedded into the Riptide R1X Electric Skateboard with the stylish body. Not only has a charming appearance, but this skateboard also has a fast speed for the size of a skateboard, which is 22 mph. With the best wheels, ABEC11, the Riptide R1X Electric Skateboard will glide smoothly wherever you want it to go.

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Riptide has updated the 7-mile range offered on the predecessor product with 14 miles of range that you will get without recharging. No requirement for a swappable battery pack. Other than that, the Head and Tail Lights from ShredLights can be set to three modes upon your riding style.

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As aforementioned above, this electric skateboard has a typical fast charging feature just like what you get on a smartphone today. Even though you have to add costs to get this fast charging charger, the addition is in accordance with the charging speed you will get.

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Charging Riptide R1X Electric Skateboard motor with a normal charger will take about 3.5 hours in order to get it through the full state. However, with this fast charging charger, you can shorten the charging time to 90 minutes.

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The price offered for the Riptide R1X Electric Skateboard that packed a lot of innovative features is $ 999. Even though you have to spend more compared to other product, but the features offered are equally great. In case you need to add the fast charging charger, you need to add another $ 69 to the bundle.

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Inside the package, you will get a complete range of equipment. Among them are standard chargers, hand remote and charger, 2x wheel spacer, 4x speed washer, and 2 extra belt drives. Not only that, there are guarantees that you can get, which are 6 months after the purchase and return policy for 7 days.

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With a great kick and features, the Riptide R1X Electric Skateboard is perfect to accompany you around the city with confidence. Plus the fast charging feature will make those who are reluctant to travel by public transport will feel energized more because it can be used frequently.

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