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AUTOart produces the best quality diecast display autos in the market. With a processing plant committed to assembling just AUTOart mark diecast car, the quality level is reliable and dependable of a high request.

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The company got its acknowledgment of the perfect quality. The magnificent standard of the paint complete and the specifying of the guiding wheels, brakes and other segment parts are only a portion of the one of a kind highlights of AUTOart diecast models.

Each piece includes the contribution of a few hundred prepared sets of hands applying their abilities all through the production procedure.

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Established in 1998, AUTOart now has the largest range of die-cast 1:18 models, with more than a thousand items, developed to date. Choose from high-end luxury diecast sports cars like Bugatti, Porsche, Pagani, and Lamborghini, or take to the streets with a speedy Toyota, Lexus or Subaru diecast model.


Products – It’s One of the Best Die-Cast Maker Out There



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AUTOart has delivered at least 45 distinctive auto marques in nine unique scales. Sizes, for the most part, run from 1:64 scale (2 to 3 inches in length) to 1:12 scale (around 12 to 14 inches). Wheels and tires, covering, safety belts, entryway handles, motors, suspension, even sun visors and entryway/hood/trunk top dampers are perfectly imitated.

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Numerous AUTOart models are of outlandish racing, sport, or supercar like the white, red, and blue BMW 3.0 CSL 1973 victory at Spa, or the Showroom Stock 2007 Mustang Road Racer, yet more ordinary vehicles like the New Beetle or the Chrysler PT Cruiser are likewise included to expand the scope of the market.



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AUTOart was established in 1998. Other lines of diecast vehicles formerly associated with AUTOart were Gateway, Gate, and UT Models. The latter was originally a German company with diecast cars made in China and associated with Paul’s Model Art which produces Minichamps.


Promotion and Controversy

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AUTOart models showcased under the Gateway/Gate name are frequently of more typical brands and more inclined to be found in retail locations or as merchant promotions. It’s also becoming more and more reachable for the market with the expansion on the production line.

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In spite of promotional with many opening parts, one AUTOart line, their 1:18 “Motorsports” arrangement has been scrutinized for having none, yet with no break in cost.

The company that owns AUTOart has shielded their decision by saying that Motorsports groups are perpetually delicate about discharging photographs that may give away the inside, suspension, and motor inlet subtle elements to their rivals, yet they should create and deliver promoting models for motorsports groups inside brief time allotments. Along these lines, these models have fixed bodies with few or no opening parts.


Future Expansion – It’s Gonna Get Cheaper Guys!

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AUTOart is moving towards making display cars in composite plastic and with diecast inside rather than a conventional diecast body and plastic body. The company asserts that the move towards plastic should result in more precise points of interest, as well as the models costing less than their diecast counterpart.

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