Bar Roker: An Extremely Comfortable Rocking Chair with Contemporary Design

Bar Roker 2

Bar Roker is a contemporary chair that can make you smile and look at it twice. Seniman Coffee Studio in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia has a creative idea to turn out the usual plastic chair into an extremely comfortable rocking chair with contemporary design. The design style of Bar Roker will not only make you feel comfortable but also give you an elegant chair ever.

Contemporary Design

Bar Roker 1

The contemporary design style on Bar Roker can be seen from the legs. Seniman Coffee Studio adds additional wooden legs on the everyday plastic chair. It looks simple but it is also making the chair looks unique at the same time.

Manufacturing and Handmade Processes

Bar Roker 2

Seniman Coffee Studio combines manufacturing and handmade processes to make Bar Roker. The purpose of using those processes in making this chair is to create an elegant and comfortable chair. With the touch of some imagination ideas, the result makes Roker Bar becomes an interesting chair ever.

Reclaimed Teak Wood Handcrafter

Bar Roker 3

Bar Roker is designed with the reclaimed teak wood handcrafted in Bali which is also combined with the plastic chair. Teak wood has the best durability, weatherproof, and also perfect to be used for outdoor or indoor use.

Swaying Chair

Bar Roker 4

Bar Roker 5

Bar Roker also can be called as a swaying chair. The swaying design of this chair is totally turning out the ordinary flat plastic chair into a cozy swaying chair just by adding the additional legs for the chair base. Simple but it works.

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