The Golden Monster by Diamond Atelier – The 24K Real Special Machine

The Golden Monster By Diamond Atelier 7

The Ducatti Monster 1200R is as of now a damn close impeccable machine. Intense, rough, completely tooled-up with all that you have to possess on the street.

The Golden Monster By Diamond Atelier 7

What could improve this gem of the machine? It was an errand Munich bicycle modifiers, Diamond Atelier, were given by a client. An open, yet difficult, brief to enhance the apparently great bike.


It’s Gold – Yes, Like Real Gold

The Golden Monster By Diamond Atelier 6

The appropriate response they concocted was gold. The edge is overlaid with 24K gold. There’s a pinstripe in genuine gold around the remarkable olive green of the tank.

The Golden Monster By Diamond Atelier 2

The whole backside was peeled off as well, and in its place, a 3D printed specially crafted rear end, which on top sits a hand-sewed cowhide leather situate.The Golden Monster By Diamond Atelier 1

Completed off with shrouded LEDs that bend over as markers and taillights, and an entire host of Ducati performance parts – and you have a machine that can knock some people’s socks off like a stripped supermodel on the whole young men school.


The True Monster

The Golden Monster By Diamond Atelier 4

This golden steed remains a true Monster on the road. Pair all that with the fact that this bike still has a whopping 152 horsepower and 92 foot-pounds of torque and you’ve got something really brilliant on your hands.

The Golden Monster By Diamond Atelier 3

Diamond Atelier have tossed an elegant choice of trap bits at this 2017 Monster, blended in a couple of erratic contacts that push it over the edge, and enclosed the edge by gold. An overcome yet brave move.

The Golden Monster By Diamond Atelier 5

Diamond Atelier claimed that the Monster 1200 R is such a rare gem in Germany, which should make this Golden Monster even rarer. And the famous company plan to keep it that way.

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