CupCooler |Instant| Promises to Cools your Drink Effortlessly

Cupcooler Instant 6

If you are one of those who forgot about your drink after buying or making it, you really need this product.  In case you’re one of those out there who set aside a long opportunity to complete their drink, at that point the CupCooler may very well be the thing design especially for you.

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This very product will help guarantee that your refreshment doesn’t come back to room temperature which frequently brings about a less satisfying taste and the reason where numerous individuals will regularly throw away their drink accordingly. The CupCooler will help avert wastage by ensuring your drink remains at the perfect temperature from beginning to end.


Smart Technology

Cupcooler Instant 6

The CupCooler has charged and taken the stage as a smart gadget which equipped for chilling off and keeping your beverages frosty till the last taste. The ability to cool beverages in a matter of seconds is something that will attract the market, especially when you don’t have sufficient energy to chill them in the refrigerator.

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With the CupCooler you can make ice cubes a thing of the past because it will keep your drink cool to the last sip and as ice cubes will ultimately dilute the flavor of your drink, having the CupCooler on hand is ideal for those who want chilled drinks without the bother and taste intrusion of ice cubes.


Working Prototype

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Requiring no special arrangement by any means, the CupCooler is six times faster than the ice chest with regards to cooling your toast at satisfying temperature.

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All that you need to do is connect it to your electric source and sit tight for 60 seconds for the surface plate to chill off to – 18℃ (- 0.4℉), and this will make your drink (300 mmL/10.14 fl oz) chill off from 25℃ (77 ºF) to 15℃ (59ºF) or to 10℃ (50ºF) in 30 minutes.


Take a Sip and Enjoy

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Costing around £50 amid the Kickstarter, the CupCooler doesn’t cost much yet will be the kind of gadget that you’ll be utilizing once a day – particularly in spring and summer when there are only a couple of delights superior to anything than super cold and refreshing drink.


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