Baseus PowerCombo Tower 10 in 1 Charging Station 35W

Baseus PowerCombo Tower 10in1 Charging Station 35W

The Baseus PowerCombo Tower 10 in 1 Charging Station 35W is a groundbreaking charging solution designed to cater to the modern user’s diverse needs. This innovative product features a unique combination of 6 AC outlets, 2 USB-A ports, and 2 USB-C ports, providing a versatile platform for charging multiple devices simultaneously.

Advanced Features for Enhanced Performance

The PowerCombo Tower is equipped with an Intelligent Digital LED Display, offering users real-time monitoring of their charging status. Additionally, it boasts a robust 1200J Surge and Lightning Protection system, ensuring the safety of connected devices. The station’s 0.1s Overload Auto-Shutdown feature further enhances its safety credentials, providing peace of mind for users.

Ultra-Fast Charging Capabilities

One of the most notable features of the PowerCombo Tower is its 35W Ultra-Fast Charging capability. This allows users to quickly charge their devices, significantly reducing waiting times and improving overall efficiency.

Availability and Accessibility

Currently, the Baseus PowerCombo Tower 10 in 1 Charging Station 35W is available for purchase at a sale price of $49.99 USD. Customers can easily acquire this innovative charging solution through the Baseus website, adding convenience to its impressive list of features.

Source: Baseus

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