BigRep One: The Most Advanced Large-Scale Industrial 3D Printing Experience

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Three-dimensional printing machines which are currently available generally still comes with lots of limitations. One of them is the limited size of the creation. However, it will soon change thanks to the existence of BigRep One 3D Printer.

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The printing press is capable of making large furniture with cheap production price. According to the company, the BigRep printing machine is capable of making furniture in dimensions of 1,188 mm x 1,000 mm x 1,147 mm (1.3 m3).

This size is large enough to make unique objects, both furniture, and artwork. BigRep was apparently inspired by the RepRap Project. This community project seeks to revolutionize the world of printing by making the first low-cost three-dimensional printing machine and starting a three-dimensional open printing revolution.

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The people behind BigRep then decided to create a larger version of the previous printing machine to be able to meet the needs of the industrial and artistic world. Marcel Tasler and Lukas Oehmigen are the founders of BigRep who came from an art background.

They wanted to develop a printing press large enough to make a 1: 1 scale prototype. They also provide one three-dimensional print in the form of a bright orange table. Although it has succeeded in printing objects, the price of BigRep One is still quite expensive.

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BigRep One comes with two print heads and is capable of printing nine different filaments including Laywood and Laybrick, both of which allow users to print wooden or sandstone objects. In addition, this 3d printer also has a 1mm size nozzle that makes it capable of detailed printing.

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BigRep ONE is suitable for printing various objects, ranging from automotive, industry, entertainment, and modeling concepts and designs. An easy-to-use user interface is available. The user interface is a PC panel. And there are additional features to continue printing in case of a power failure, and many more.

In the near future, BigRep 3D is predicted to be the most affordable three-dimensional industrial printing machine. For now, each unit is priced at $ 40,000. Still quite pricey, but for a 3D printer, this number is popularly priced.

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