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Tagvault Pin

Introducing the TagVault: Pin for AirTag, a novel and efficient accessory designed to enhance the usability of Apple’s popular tracking device, the AirTag. This latest offering in the tech accessory market stands out for its unique design and versatile application.

Innovative Design and Functionality

The TagVault: Pin features dual hidden safety pins that provide a secure and discreet attachment. Its low-profile design ensures that it doesn’t dangle or flop around, making it a more stable and less obtrusive option compared to traditional AirTag holders. The device can be assembled in seconds, offering convenience and ease of use.

Versatile Mounting Options

This product is particularly suitable for children, as it offers a reliable method for parents to attach AirTags to their kids’ belongings. Additionally, its versatility extends to other items such as backpacks, luggage, purses, and more, making it a valuable accessory for a variety of tracking needs.

Color Variations and Pack Options

The TagVault: Pin is available in several color options and pack sizes, including a 4-Pack (Blue, White, Black, Red), a 4-Pack (Blue, Red, Green, Purple), a 4-Pack (Black), a 2-Pack (White, Black), a 2-Pack (Blue, Red), a 2-Pack (Black), and a Single (Black). These options cater to different styles and preferences, allowing users to choose the best match for their needs.

Pricing and Availability

At a price of $29.95, which represents a 52% savings from its original cost, the TagVault: Pin is an affordable solution for those seeking a high-quality AirTag mounting option. The competitive pricing makes it accessible to a broad audience.

Source: ElevationLab

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