Nike Epic React: A Lighter, Softer, and Durable Running Shoe

Nike Epic React 4

Nike comes again with a lighter, softer, and durable running shoe called Nike Epic React. With the technology of the best foam shoe, this running shoe will give you a comfortable running activity. Nike needs at least 3 years of testing the new materials and the design methods for this running. And the result, Nike Epic React has its own place in every athlete’s heart.

New Materials

Nike Epic React 1

It takes almost 3 years for Nike to bring Nike Epic React for you. Nike has been doing a lot of testing to find the best new materials and also the best design methods. This running shoe is finally released after combining 400 materials and design methods.

Proprietary Foam Shape

Nike Epic React 2

Besides finding the best materials and method designs. Nike designer also considers the proprietary foam shape based on athletes. They try to identify how the athletes move, how much their force, and also how much the speed that they have.

Heat Map

Nike Epic React 3

Nike Sports Research Lab gives the best power to Nike Epic React. This running shoe has a heat map data on the shoe soles. With that heat map data, the designer can consider every need that you should have when you use this running shoe.


Nike Epic React 4

As a running shoe, Nike Epic React is not only comfortable but also designed with a stylish look. You can choose this running shoe with dark or light color. The stylish design is available for both women and men who love to run.


Nike Epic React 5

One of the best things from Nike Epic React is the lighter design. It is 5% lighter than another running shoe, like LunarEpic Low Flyknit 2. You can call it as the lightest running shoe every once you have one of it.

Computational Design

Nike Epic React 6

Nike Epic React is designed with a computational design process with some mathematical formulas. These formulas will make a fluid geometry, especially on the sole. It will fit well with all athletes performances.


Nike Epic React 7

The durability itself is supported by the materials and the computational design for the foam. Nike Epic React has been tested for its durability. The tester wore it for 500 miles and they think that they only use it for 100 miles.


Nike Epic React 8

Nike Epic React is surely softer than another running shoe. With the high-quality of the foam material which is supported by the computational design, this running shoe is also 13% bouncier than Nike LunarEpic Low Flyknit 2.

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