Nomad MagSafe Mount: MagSafe, Weighted.

Nomad Magsafe Mount 2

The accessories provider Nomad seems eager to get involved in the market for MagSafe. Fact is, the company has recently introduced the Nomad MagSafe Mount that looks nice at first glance.

Nomad Magsafe Mount 3



Perhaps the workmanship speaks in favor of the new Nomad accessories. According to the manufacturer, the socket for Apple’s MagSafe adapter is made from special material, and thanks to the non-slip surface it is stable on the desk.

The MagSafe adapter itself can be removed at any time and, when used, is securely held in the Nomad block by a kind of nano pad.

Nomad Magsafe Mount 4

Designed to provide MagSafe charging with a solid base when charging your iPhone, it has a stainless steel finish to secure the accessory to the table.

The Nomad MagSafe Mount is made from a solid block of stainless steel and complemented with an intentionally angled shape for easy removal of the iPhone. The MagSafe Mount stands the test of time on any nightstand or worktable.

Nomad Magsafe Mount 1

Although it doesn’t come with Apple’s MagSafe charger, Nomad MagSafe Mount is compatible with charging the iPhone 8 or newer devices, as well as AirPods that have wireless charging.


Price and Availability

Like other products, the company’s MagSafe Mount charger is minimalist, has a premium finish, and a hefty price tag: $79.95. Information on availability in several countries are not yet available as the status on the official Nomad’s website is in the pre-order phase.

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