Computer accessory manufacturer, Logitech officially delivered its newest wireless keyboard called MX Keys Mini. Compared to its predecessor, the MX Keys, which was released last year, the latest Logitech keyboard adopts several updates.

Farnova Othello is an electric Hypercar made in China with tremendous claims over its capability. The car is made by Farnova Automotive, a subsidiary of Farnova Yachts which, as the name implies, is experienced in producing and marketing super luxury yachts.

Ahead of the setting of generation, Lexus introduced the latest LX model which adopted the same base and features identical to the Toyota Land Cruiser.

JLab has recently just introduced its over-the-ear headset. The product, called JBuds Work, targets workers at home or in the office.

Amazon has officially introduced the latest generation of its most popular e-reader, the All-new Kindle Paperwhite. The newest model comes three years after the previous version, and with it comes several updates that will further enhance the reading experience.

Bowers & Wilkins unveiled the latest generation of one of its most iconic speakers, the Zeppelin. Its distinctive design, which resembles the plane of German inventor Ferdinand von Zeppelin, is still preserved, but the inside has been updated to the new standard.

Microsoft announced several new Surface devices. And even though all the headline has been about the Surface Pro X and Pro 8 but the Surface Laptop Studio is also a noteworthy product. The 2-in-1 device doubles as a laptop and folds into a tablet-like device is infinitely flexible.