Rumah Swadaya: A New Architectural Language of Tropical Homes

Rumah Swadaya 4

Located in the Pasar Minggu area of South Jakarta, Rumah Swadaya is a completed project designed by ArMSchitecture. This awesome modern house is expected to be a new architectural language of tropical homes through new details, design ideas, and materials.


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This house is located in an area that has a distinctive tread typology, on small plots on a narrow road that connects main roads. The tread has an L shape with a large background. The client of this project wanted a new house while maintaining the lush garden and pool at the back of the house.



Rumah Swadaya 4

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It is a modern house that is designed with an idea of a tropical house that has a slim mass posture and a roof shape with a steep angle. There is an open space on both sides of the building that can provide good air circulation.

The ground floor consists of a family room, dining room, kitchen, garage, and private function living room. The area of the garage is limited by a wire mesh fence that is planted with vines. There is a roof garden on the roof of the guard post that can a green impression.

A terrace that is also used as a living room separated the private and public functions. This terrace also can circulate air from both sides of the house. The family room and dining room can be found in the deepest sequence to get maximum view of the lush garden and pool. The maid and services areas are placed on the semi-basement floor, taking advantage of the tread contour.


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The master bedroom has a large opening to the inner garden and also a balcony. In the front area, the children’s bedrooms are designed with perforated metal skin for heat absorption. An open and spacious impression can be created in the library area thanks to the high ceiling.

The study room is placed in a side corridor with air circulation designed to circulate cold air from under the table so the use of air conditioning can be minimized.


Rumah Swadaya Gallery

Photographs: Putu Adi Widiantara, Muhammad Sagitha

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