Sooke 01 House By Campos Studio 4

Sooke 01 House by Campos Studio: The Experience of the Forest from A Small House

This small house is designed for a woman and her dog made by Campos Studio. Sooke 01 House sits on a rocky knoll in Sooke, British Colombia, Canada where the forest meets the sea with 1450sq ft in size. Completed in 2018, the design team gets inspiration from being in the forest after camping on the site where this small house at the end can provide an experience from its surrounding forest.

Point Grey Laneway By Campos Studio 13

Point Grey Laneway by Campos Studio: An Affordable Rental Housing with Soft Density

Completed in 2016 with 640 ft² in size, Point Grey Laneway is a re-imagination of the traditional colonial style laneways in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Known as Miko Laneway, it is also proposed by the City of Vancouver’s Laneway program into form-based and also respectful of the Japanese Canadians that have lived in Vancouver for generations. It provides affordable rental housing through soft density designed by Campos Studio.

Grandview Woodlands Renovation By Campos Studio 3

Grandview Woodlands Renovation by Campos Studio: A Heritage-Listed House Renovation with An Industrial Aesthetic

Located in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada, Grandview Woodlands Renovation is a renovation project of a heritage-listed house that transformed into a work-live space. Designed by Campos Studio, the renovation of this 1800 ft² building is completed in 2013. The design can employ an industrial aesthetic, supported by the use of robust materials and simple connections.

Music Shed By Campos Studio 6

Music Shed by Campos Studio: A Tiny Architectural Solution with A Timber, Light-Filled ‘Music Shed’

Campos Studio creates a tiny architectural solution with its timber, light-filled ‘music shed’ in Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada. Called as Music Shed, it is a project where a client needs a residential addition to resolve new spatial requirements as their needs expanded and evolved. Completed in 2017 with 48 sq ft in size, the result is a comfortable family house with an awesome design of the music shed.