1969 Jaguar E-Type Coupe XKE: Special Treat for Especially Great Classic

1969 Jaguar E Type Coupe Xker 6

Have you ever seen a car and was like stunned? Well, everyone has their taste but this Jaguar is the special case. A particular treat for all the classic coupe lover.

1969 Jaguar E Type Coupe Xker 9

This E-type is an incredible car with brilliant mechanicals and attractive aerating and cooling, indicating at 62,000 miles. It has been with a similar fan proprietor for a long time and has seen a broad late mechanical rousing by a marque mechanist.



1969 Jaguar E Type Coupe Xker 8

The paint and body show to a nice driver standard and the trim and chrome are in good original condition, which is essential for such classic car.

1969 Jaguar E Type Coupe Xker 5

The general feel is straightforward and untouched with simply enough patina that one would not fear broadened the use of the car.

1969 Jaguar E Type Coupe Xker 4

In front, the unique coupe style Jaguar become more thicken as the car provided a throwback in the choice of the ram and headlight.



1969 Jaguar E Type Coupe Xker 7

The original interior has held up well with some wear, mainly on the leather seating surfaces — it feels broken in without being shabby.

1969 Jaguar E Type Coupe Xker 3

It is genuinely brisk even by current measures with certain taking care of, astounding brakes and an in general “set up together” feel that is regularly missing even in “reestablished” cases.



1969 Jaguar E Type Coupe Xker 6

This Jaguar has demonstrated very dependably on account of a total drivetrain update with some decision overhauls. Motor revamped including three-edge valve work, Isky XM-2 granulate cams, triple carb setup with early-style complex, electronic start, new engine and transmission mounts, cooling framework upgrade and turn on oil channel change.

1969 Jaguar E Type Coupe Xker 2

Four-speed manual gearbox was additionally revamped with new synchros, new clutch, and hydraulics. Full suspension and brake benefit including rotating appendages; new Vredestein tires. A/C framework completely upgraded, and that’s just the beginning.


Astounding Coupe

1969 Jaguar E Type Coupe Xker 1

With the price $54,900 and the Old English White finished that top off the already astounding car, you will be hard-pressed to find a better choice.

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