SureFly was originally an out of box ideat of modernizing ​​commuting to work with drones but the company now believes that the market is inching closer towards them. The price offered for one SureFFly is around $ 200,000 which will be delivered by the end of 2019.

The Cormorant is an imaginative innovation because of its inside rotors and noteworthy payload limit that takes into consideration the clearing of 2 setbacks and additionally quick and adaptable payload reconfiguration for different missions.

Archer Aviation, an electric flying taxi startup, recently launched its first eVTOL urban aerial vehicle Maker. Not only did the company release the first photos and more details at the launch, but it also announced that it would complete its first test flight in the fourth quarter of this year and launch mass production in 2022.

Watfly Atlas got an empty weight of 129 kg and capable to carry up to 113 kg of load. During 60 minutes fly time, the VTOL aircraft can fly as fast as 200km/h.

Vertical Aerospace's strategic to make air travel individual, on-request and carbon-free. Established in 2016 by business visionary Stephen Fitzpatrick, the company has developed to around 70 world-class specialists and engineers.

The Volante Vision concept is, a VTOL (vertical take-off and landing), possesses the space of four autos and accompanies three propellers, Aston Martin's smooth yet-curvilinear external body, and a comfy inside that takes flying machine seating and turns it up a bit.