Adidas Originals 2000 Running Collection

Adidas 2000 Running

Adidas Originals has recently unveiled its latest creation, the 2000 Running collection, a nostalgic yet innovative series of footwear that pays homage to the turn of the millennium. This collection is a blend of retro design and contemporary technology, featuring three unique sneaker models: the Ozmillen, Response CL, and adiStar Cushion.

Ozmillen: A Modern Twist on a Classic Design

The Ozmillen sneaker is a brand-new addition to the Adidas lineup, drawing inspiration from the iconic Ozweego model. It features metallic overlays, mesh uppers, and a striking two-tone color scheme. The Ozmillen is not just about style; it incorporates modern Adiplus cushioning, ensuring comfort and performance.

Response CL: A Nod to Experimental Heritage

The Response CL is a tribute to Adidas’ innovative past, boasting ventilating mesh segments and synthetic elements. Its raw two-tone color palette and EVA cushioned midsole offer both aesthetic appeal and functional benefits, making it a versatile choice for both runners and fashion enthusiasts.

adiStar Cushion: Futuristic Comfort

Completing the trio is the adiStar Cushion, a sneaker that remains as futuristic today as it was in the 2000s. It features a breathable mesh upper, reflective details, and metallic elements, all sitting atop the comfortable Adiprene cushioning system.

“Two Thousand Stories” Campaign

The launch of the 2000 Running collection is accompanied by the “Two Thousand Stories” campaign, a unique collaboration between two era-defining photographers: Ewan Spencer and Sophie Jones. This campaign captures a cross-generational cast, showcasing the timeless influence of Adidas in culture.


The Adidas Originals 2000 Running collection will be available starting January 22nd. Interested buyers can find these exclusive sneakers on, in Adidas stores, and through select retailers.

Source: Adidas

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