Aeropod: A fusion of art, customized furniture and classic automotive design

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Aeropod is storage space for an attractive and luxurious design that you can use to store several items. The company that created Aeropod created almost 49 signed and numbered pieces that can be used to store collections such as wine, food, etc.

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Aeropod let the owner use or function their space according to their wishes. Made of high-quality choices and modern and classic shapes that the owner can choose from, Aeropod is like the Rolls-Royce of a storage cabinet. It’s the collector item that will astonish every guest that visits your house.

“AeroPods are a fusion of art, customized furniture and classic automotive design.  They are a series of 49 signed and numbered pieces, no two of which are alike.  Choose a colour and purpose for a truly unique work of functional art for your home, office or commercial space.”Dean Jackson Designs

There are nine variations of Aeropod and here are some types that you can pick and take home according to your needs.


The Martini Pod

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The first on our list is the type of aeropod has a function to store martinis that you can later drink and enjoy. As we mentioned before, Aeropod is custom to every need, thus this product is not just having an attractive and luxurious appearance but you can also use it to store your favorite drinks.

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Inside the Martini Pod, the maker embedded it with several special features that are intended for the needs of storing these drinks. So in addition to luxury this place is quite complete and answers all the classic beverage needs that you have.


The Vintages Pod

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The Vintages pod is used to store various types of wine that you have. Of course, to do this, this pod needs to have all the amenities to secure the collection of wine that you have.

All the component to maintain the right temperature and security against shocks – with the aim of all these things do not change and damage – is already put in place.

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Regularly set in or close to the feasting focus, the Vintages Pod gives your night’s determinations shrewd show and service. Put on its stand it turns into the irrefutable point of convergence of the room, its rich shading and chrome feature a visual banquet in itself.

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A delicate draw on the image discharges the unobtrusive attractive catch, and the entryway opens to uncover 15 jugs of your preferred wine to the astonishment and enjoyment of your visitors. Each container slides out on a couple of slanted oak rails and is keenly confined with an exclusively made chrome bezel.


The Gumball Pod

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The Gumball pod is as a storage to store gum. In order to be a suitable storage to store gum without damaging the taste and shape, the pod has been modified in such a way as to fit what is needed by the gum.

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With its shimmering surfaces and blazing lights, the all-new Gumball AeroPod astonishes with the shading and movement of a nostalgic carnival game. Designed in light of the fun-chasing treat darling, this “machine” not just administers gumballs, it enables you to really pick your preferred flavor, so you get what you need inevitably.

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The Aeropod Gumball Machine is an imaginative work of fine craftsmanship, enlivened with choice capacity through the fastidious building of its parts.

The ball-selector instrument, specifically, is hand-cut from strong maple, fitted with a hardened steel oar and cleaned to flawlessness, while the tracks are framed and gently welded from lengths of 1/8 steel pole.




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