Casa Container Marília Project nº.1: Elevated from the Natural Level

Casa Container Marília Project Nº 1 4

In this Casa Container Marilia Project No.1 that is located in the rural area of ​​Campos Novos Paulista, in São Paulo, the overall concept of the 257m2 area was focusing on the materials used in construction that make up the majority of the structure.

Casa Container Marília Project Nº 1 6

The purpose of the construction, which is used as a country house, is to connect users to nature, so the house is elevated from the natural level of the soil of the place where it was implanted. As the house is surrounded by native trees, the windows are at the height of the treetops, while the balconies mix with the branches.

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There are also no TVs or Wi-Fi available on the property, so everyone can disconnect as much as possible from the outside world. Two wooden deck balconies provide interaction with native trees and fantastic views of the countryside.

Casa Container Marília Project Nº 1 4

The container house has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a beautiful kitchen that opens onto living spaces. The interiors decorated in wood, create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

The implementation of the suspended construction preserves the drainability of the soil and the dynamics of the roots of the trees.

Casa Container Marília Project Nº 1 2

In addition, the “v” system of the metal pillars that support the container house reduces the area of ​​foundations, as it generates a single base for two supports. It also provides concrete savings.  The foundations are of the shallow type because the weight of the house is relatively light and the soil is firm.

Casa Container Marília Project Nº 1 1

In total, 80% of the materials are reused. From the construction system adopted from recycled marine containers to the internal lining, where demolition wood predominates on the walls and ceiling.

In addition to being a reused material, demolition wood avoids the use of internal paint, as it has its own finish.

Casa Container Marília Project Nº 1 3

Meanwhile, the modular system facilitates maintenance, it also has a rainwater storage system to minimize the need for irrigation. The green roofs provide greater thermal comfort inside the house and further integrate the house with nature.






Photograph: Barros Assuane Arquitetura LTDA

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