Casa M by Felipe Hess Arquitetura: Renovation and Adaptation Done Right!

Casa M By Felipe Hess Arquitetura 2

Casa M is located in Sao Paulo, Brazil with a space area of 780m². The project was handled by Felipe Hess Arquitetura where the aim is to renovate the residence of the owner’s family.

Casa M By Felipe Hess Arquitetura 8

The initial structure has been renovated for so many times. It’s kinda lost the architectural value, but its location and internal layout on the site are very sound.

Casa M By Felipe Hess Arquitetura 7

The first action taken by the client was to acquiring the nearby land to transform the space. Thus, it is now necessary to carry out major reforms and fully transform its internal structure.

Casa M By Felipe Hess Arquitetura 6

In doing as such, the team from Felipe Hess Arquitetura have made an intense harmony between both new and old, where they updated the structure, starting with the housetop of a whitewashed volume submerged in the tropical vegetation.

Casa M By Felipe Hess Arquitetura 5

The previous home — presently exhausted — yielded space for a glass structure making the space more decent, which is additionally advanced with ravishing perspectives over the encompassing nature.

Casa M By Felipe Hess Arquitetura 4

White was chosen as the main hue of the design. It appears on the outdoor floor, on the inner and outer walls, and metal structures of the house.

Casa M By Felipe Hess Arquitetura 3

Inside, the gray reinforced concrete floor visually connect the various floors and talks to the concrete slabs that appeared during the demolition process, which were naturally used in the project.

Casa M By Felipe Hess Arquitetura 2

An extra intercession on the previous façade carried new openings to the property that flood insides with light and accentuate a generally solid structure.

Casa M By Felipe Hess Arquitetura 1

At last, the home’s design got an extraordinary redistribution: spaces are not, at this point impeded by walls and allotments, inviting rather powerful, open, and liquid environments with new channels for diffusion.


Gallery of Casa M


Photography: Fran Parente and Gabriel Cabral

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