Chalet “Blanche” by ACDF Architecture: Pure Architecture Gently Complements the Landscape

Chalet Blanche By Acdf Architecture 6

The Chalet “Blanche”, whose name evokes the spirit of the vernacular dwellings of the region, is located in La Malbaie in the area of Terrasses Cap à l’Aigle. Its pure architectural concept and minimalist peacefully complements the Charlevoix landscape in a contemporary way.

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The 397 m² space area is crafted by the team at ACDF Architecture consist of Maxime-Alexis Frappier, Martin Champagne, Joan Renaud, Mathieu Tremblay, Olivia Daigneault.

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The materiality of the apparent concrete on the ground floor is a trend towards the stone foundations of the old wooden barns that once existed in the landscape.

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The base also serves as the foundation for the main access and houses the technological functions of the chalet. Perched on the side, the two upper levels are covered with white wood, which is reminiscent of the plaster coatings that were applied in the ancestral homes of the area.

Chalet Blanche By Acdf Architecture 3

The wood is smooth or with an apparent texture and, at times, creates an openwork cladding, depending on the façade, providing lightness and delight to the home.

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All of the four bedrooms of Chalet “Blanche” are centrally located in order to maximize panoramic views from the living spaces found on the upper level. The kitchen and dining room are characterized by large 360-degree windows, while the living space is housed in a cantilever whose unique shape is reminiscent of the structure of vernacular bridges.

Chalet Blanche By Acdf Architecture 4

The social nature of the home, its openness to family, friends, and sometimes to professional exchange are favored by its composition that contrasts significantly with the spaces of daily life and private life (bedrooms).

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The abundant use of large windows highlights a constant connection between the interior space and nature, including the lake and the forest.

Chalet Blanche By Acdf Architecture 8

Covered with a white stained wood siding, this friendly and warm chalet that puts forward wood is a splendid architectural work located in an environment to dream of.

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Photography: Adrien Williams

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