Citizen’s New LAND Series Watch: Tough, Versatile, and Packed with Features

Citizen Promaster Land

Citizen’s Promaster Land collection is designed for adventurers who dare to explore the most challenging environments on Earth. These field watches are built to withstand extreme conditions, making them the perfect companion for those who push the boundaries of exploration.

One of the standout features of the Promaster Land watches is the Eco-Drive technology. This innovative system harnesses the power of light to charge the watch, eliminating the need for battery replacements. With Eco-Drive, adventurers can focus on their journey without worrying about their timepiece running out of power.

The collection also boasts impressive features such as altimeters, compasses, and automatic hand correction functions. The altimeter, functional up to an astonishing 10,000 meters, allows explorers to accurately measure their altitude, even higher than the tallest mountains on the planet. The compass provides reliable navigation, while the automatic hand correction function ensures the hands remain in the correct position, even in the face of extreme shocks.

The Promaster Land collection offers a diverse range of models to cater to the various needs and preferences of adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts:

  1. Eco-Drive ALTICHRON:
    • BN4044-15E
    • BN4065-07L
    • Altimeter (functional up to 10,000 meters) and compass-equipped model
    • Eco-Drive technology
    • JV1005-02W (New)
    • JV1007-07E (New)
    • JV1006-51L (New)
    • Combination watch with high-definition LCD
    • Eco-Drive technology
    • CC3060-10E
    • CC3067-11L
    • The brand’s first GPS satellite-synchronized field watch
    • CB5037-84E
    • CB5034-82L
    • CB5036-10X
    • CB5039-11L
    • Motorsports-inspired design
    • World Time, timekeeping signal

In my opinion, the Promaster Land collection is not only a reliable tool for adventurers but also a stylish accessory that showcases the wearer’s passion for exploration. The rugged yet sophisticated design of these watches makes them suitable for both outdoor activities and everyday wear.

Citizen’s commitment to quality and innovation is evident in the Promaster Land collection’s ability to withstand temperatures as low as minus 20°C. This cold-proof feature ensures the watch keeps running even in the most unforgiving, wind-ravaged environments.

The Promaster Land collection is part of Citizen’s “Save the BEYOND” campaign, a worldwide initiative co-organized with HISTORY®. This campaign highlights the importance of preserving the world’s natural wonders and showcases the experiences of adventurers who have pushed the limits of exploration.

With its cutting-edge technology, durable construction, and sleek design, the Citizen Promaster Land collection is the ultimate companion for adventurers who seek to go higher and explore the world’s most challenging environments.

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