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The American company Crowley Maritime Corp. unveiled its first fully electric tugboat eWolf. The novelty is to be the first similar vessel in the US waters. It has as many batteries as it would fit in about 114 Tesla Model 3 electric cars. However, thanks to the electric drive, it will save tens of tons of greenhouse gases a year.

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The tug has a battery inside with a capacity of an incredible 6.2 MWh. The main electrical components will be provided by ABB. Charging should be fast since the renowned Cohran Marine should take care of it.

But, it is not yet known what type of charging it will be. However, the ship is also equipped with two 300 kW generators for electricity production in case of emergency.

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A pair of 2.1 MW electric motors take care of the operation. The maximum speed of eWolf is 12 knots, which is about 22 km / h. The 25-meter vessel has a towing power (Bollard pull) that should be capable of towing 70 tons, the tonnage of the manufacturer states at 200 (GRT), respectively. 500 (GT).



The Crowley eWolf is to be produced by Master Boat Builders in cooperation with Crowley Maritime Corp. and Jensen Maritime, a ship design company.

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However, the project also includes government agencies such as the San Diego County Air Pollution Control District, California Air Resources Board, Port of San Diego, U.S. Pat. Environmental Protection Agency and U.S. Pat. Maritime Administration.

Crowley Maritime eWolf is not yet on the water, but the company behind it believes that it will be fully operational by mid-2023. It should help ships in their homeland, in the Port of San Diego.

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