CUDA: Underwater Jet Pack

Cuda Underwater Jet Pack 6

It’s 2018 and jetpacks are at long last here, yet they don’t push you noticeable all around yet. Pulling water from the front and driving it out the back with mind-blowing power, the Cuda is a moderately little contraption that fits appropriate on your back, and when activated, gives you a lift, pushing you at the speed of 8mph submerged with no exertion.

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Cuda is a submerged jetpack offering the experience of extreme flexibility, regardless of whether it be skimming through the uniting structural plates in the perfectly clear waters or off the shore. Flying weightlessly through the water is a long way from anything you’ve done previously.


Battery Powered

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Battery-powered batteries have permitted the concurrence of innovation and nature, where the client replica bentley watch can interface without harming the marine life. It additionally permits the fast trade of batteries for constant utilization.


3D Printed

Cuda Underwater Jet Pack 6

CUDA is made up of around 45 printed parts—including a hand-held trigger that controls speed—and can be amassed in less than 10 minutes. Battery-powered batteries guarantee snappy substitution and constant use in remote areas.


Easy to Use

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Utilizing the Cuda is as basic as controlling the speed with a hand-held remote, and the bearing with your body. Made out of 45 3D printed parts that can be collected in simply close to 10 minutes, the Cuda is patent pending and may go into creation as right on time as 2019, from where it could be utilized for anything from amusement to the crisis condition.


The rush of Adrenaline, The Fastest Underwater Jetpack

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An adoration for adrenalin, investigation, and nature roused the last year understudy, Archie O’Brien, to set out on an excursion of outline in submerged impetus gadgets. He immediately found the present contributions available were either too moderate or excessively costly and weigh more than 30kg making them bulky for movement.

Cuda Underwater Jet Pack 3

Moving with tastefulness or looking for thrills in the sea, the regard for nature is never lost as you turn out to be a piece of the marine life. With its own protected impetus framework, Cuda is the quickest Underwater Jetpack on the planet, while remaining effortlessly convenient between plunge destinations.

Cuda Underwater Jet Pack 1

Archie has plans to develop the product further before building a brand. Over the years, releasing several products in the market, his aim in the future is to become the market leader in recreational propulsion water sports. He hopes to push the technology and challenge what is currently possible and looks forward to seeing what individuals make of new opportunities.

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