EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra: The World’s First Smart Hybrid Whole-House Battery Generator

EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra

EcoFlow, the renowned provider of portable power and environmentally friendly energy solutions, has just introduced the DELTA Pro Ultra at CES 2024. This innovative marvel takes center stage as the very first intelligent hybrid whole-house battery generator, delivering an unmatched power backup remedy for contemporary households.

Unmatched Power Capacity and Flexibility

The DELTA Pro Ultra boasts an impressive capacity of 6kWh, with a 7200W output and 5.6kW of solar input, making it capable of running an entire household. Its stackable design allows for easy expansion of storage and output, catering to a wide range of power needs. The system is compatible with various energy sources, including solar and gas, providing a versatile solution for whole-home backup, solar power storage, and even outdoor activities.

Smart Home Integration and Advanced Features

EcoFlow is also launching the Smart Home Panel 2, designed to seamlessly integrate the DELTA Pro Ultra with any home. This panel facilitates quick grid-to-backup transition with auto switch-over and optimizes energy use, reducing costs and extending backup through intelligent analysis and solar utilization. The DELTA Pro Ultra can be charged through AC power, solar panels, and gas generators, offering maximum flexibility and extended backup time.

Durability and Efficiency

The DELTA Pro Ultra is built to last, with a robust battery management system and EcoFlow’s patented X-Cooling technology. This innovative cooling system increases efficiency by 50 percent, reduces noise, and extends component lifespan. The EV-grade LFP battery chemistry ensures over 10 years of daily use, with 3,500 discharge cycles before reaching 80 percent of original capacity.

Convenient Installation and Versatile Use

Designed for simplicity and accessibility, the DELTA Pro Ultra is ready to use straight out of the box. It can be easily installed in homes using a transfer switch or inlet box, or more comprehensively with the Smart Home Panel 2. Its modular and portable design also makes it suitable for off-grid power solutions, including RVs and tiny homes.

Availability and Pricing

The DELTA Pro Ultra is available from January 9 on the EcoFlow website and The pricing for the DELTA Pro Ultra (inverter and battery) starts at $4999, with the Smart Home Panel 2 available for $1599, or as a bundled package with DELTA Pro Ultra for $6399 until February 9. After this date, the prices will be $5799 for DELTA Pro Ultra, $1899 for Smart Home Panel 2, and $7499 for the bundle.

Source: EcoFlow Technology Inc.

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