Fuego Element F21C: A Compact Grill Designed by Apple Former Chief

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Robert Brunner is a designer of Beats by Dre and also a former chief of design at Apple. He comes with a new innovation in a compact grill called Fuego Element F21C. This unique grill is the award-winning design because of its design and performance. Fuego Element F21C gest host faster than other grills and with its balanced heat, it will cook your food well.


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Fuego Element F21C comes with a compact design of 21 inches x 21 inches size for its footprint. The assembly time is less than 30 minutes with 14 screws in use. The temperature can reach 500 F just in 5 minutes. You can have indirect or direct grilling with 21,000 BTU/hr of dual zone burner system.

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The cooking surface is designed for all of your favorite foods, like meat and burgers. Fuego Element F21C has a push button electronic ignition system with an easy roll mobility. It is built with lid thermometer and also very easy to be cleaned.



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Fuego Element F21C gets hot faster with a cleverly engineered. The temperature of the heat can reach 500 F and 650 F max. You just need 5 minutes to get a good heat and ready to grill any food that you want for your family.



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Fuego Element F21C has concentric circle dual ring burner paired with 15 lbs cast iron gate too to make sure you will get a perfect balance heat. It will also make sure that no hot spots for the sear marks on this grill. You can cook in both indirect slow or low cooking.



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This grill comes with a compact size but it is actually larger than it seems. The 346 square inch porcelain enameled cast iron cooking offers an easy cooking process for 4 persons. Fuego Element F21C also can hold your food weight over 15 lbs.



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The packages of Fuego Element F21C is small. It becomes a leader in the grill market for its efficiency, so you can move it from one place to another place easily. The size of Fuego Element F21C is same as your patio chair size.



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The tank storage comes in a smart design for a better grill. Fuego Element F21C has a pivoting door too with magnetic latch for your easy access to the propane tank. It will be perfect for your everyday use because you can replace the tank in no time.



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The element grill of Fuego Element F21C fits well with 14 screws only. It makes a breeze assembly when you want to use it. You can use a Phillips head screwdriver. It only takes 30 minutes to unify all elements of this grill.



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Just use the wheels if you bring Fuego Element F21C in a traveling. It is one of the best features that Fuego Element F21C has for you. It is very easy to move this grill form your backyard of a deck to the other places as you want.


Easy to Clean

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You can keep your Fuego Element F21C clean with the easy-to-clean residue tray and Fuego Element’s ample. The tray can capture and also collect runoff grease from the firebox and the diffuser panel. You just need to pull the tray handle and clean the residue tray after you use it.

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