Everdure Cube Charcoal Barbecue: Innovative Charcoal Grill for Perfectly Cooked Meat

Everdure Cube Charcoal Barbecue 2

Heston Blumenthal the Cube Grill comes with an innovative grill called Everdure Cube Charcoal Barbecue. This grill is unique because of its cube form. It will give you a perfectly cooked meat wherever and whenever you want it. Everdure Cube Charcoal Barbecue is designed with British chef Heston Blumenthal collaboration for the best-cooked vegetables and seafood too.

Compact Size

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The best thing about Everdure Cube Charcoal Barbecue is its compact size. This size is not only unique but also convenient and safe for outdoor activities. It will be easier too for you to carry it wherever you want to go out with family and friends.



Everdure Cube Charcoal Barbecue 2

Everdure Cube Charcoal Barbecue is made with removable charcoal tray and a porcelain enamel firebox. The built-in heat protection shield will protect you from high temperatures when you grill meat and other kinds of food.



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This compact grill consists of a removable cooking tray, stainless-steel racks, and also stay-cool chrome handles. You can easily remove the cooking tray or grab this grill without feeling any heat. The bamboo prep board and integrated food-grade storage tray will give you the best place to put the grilling food.



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Everdure Cube Charcoal Barbecue has a compact size with 16 1/4 inches in length, 13 1/2 inches in width, and also 9 inches in height. The weight is about 15 lb. 7 oz. This grill is lightweight so it is not difficult to move it.


Use and Care

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You need to clean this compact grill after you use it. Wash it with hand wash and warm soapy water, don’t use any harsh chemicals on it. Make sure you dispose of the hot coals responsibly after you use it, especially when you are in the outdoor area.

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