FUJINON Duvo™ HZK24-300mm: Compact, Lightweight, and Packed with Cinematic Features

Fujinon Duvo

The FUJINON Duvo™ HZK24-300mm is a portable zoom lens designed for cinematography and live broadcasting applications. It features a native PL-mount and supports both Super 35mm and full-frame sensors, making it a versatile option for various camera setups.

Key features of the Duvo 24-300mm include:

  1. 12.5x zoom range, covering the frequently used 24-300mm focal length
  2. Built-in 1.5x expander, extending the focal length to 36-450mm
  3. Shallow depth of field for cinematic image expression and beautiful bokeh effect
  4. Compact and lightweight design, measuring 10.65 inches (270.5mm) in length and weighing 6.5 lbs (2.95kg)
  5. Versatile mounting options, including tripod, shoulder-mount with a Steadicam, and high-angle shooting with a crane

The Duvo 24-300mm is part of Fujifilm’s Duvo Series, which aims to combine the signature Fujinon filmic look with the ease of use and operational familiarity of broadcast lenses. This lens is ideal for capturing cinematic visuals in various settings, such as sporting events, live concerts, houses of worship, and reality shows.

The FUJINON Duvo™ HZK24-300mm is available for order at a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $31,999 USD, with shipping expected to begin by the end of March 2024.

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