4 Jaw-Dropping Futuristic Cars You Can See Shortly

Super Cool Futuristic Car Design 88

Today’s people will be stunned by the presence of one out of four amazing futuristic cars. Go figure out them all.


A car is one of the modern-human inventions that experience some modifications. The shape of the wheeled motor vehicle in the past, for sure, looks far different than today. The innovation keeps altering now and then, depending on the functionality, road access, and practicality as well. Surprisingly, the headway always escalates to the upper level with these futuristic cars blowing anybody’s mind.

1. Aero Mobile 3.0

AeroMobil 3

If you think that a flying car only resides in a science fiction movie, then your presumption totally is wrong. You will see the upscale creation named Aero Mobile 3.0 very soon. Although some prototypes are not fully finished, its early test run is successfully carried out. Amazingly, it can travel on the land with the speed of 160kph and in the air with the speed of 200kph.

2. Cadillac Aera

Cadilac Area

The worth-noting point that Cadillac Aera has to offer is nothing else but its ability to run more than 1,000 miles nonstop – and it doesn’t require of being refueled. When it comes to appearance, this vehicle looks deluxe and stylish. Although it’s lightweight, the materials making it up is highly resistant to damage caused by a collision.

3. Mercedes Benz BIOME

Mercedes Benz Advanced Design North America, Carlsbad,CA Null

One of the futuristic cars considered environmentally friendly is Mercedes Benz BIOME. Speaking of which, this car is uniquely invented by using natural materials – one of them includes BioFibre. Instead of being manufactured, this type of cool invention is developed in a lab. It’s light yet robust.

4. Toyota Nori

Toyota Nori Concept 1600x0w

Toyota Nori is where you get amazed by the future-related things. It’s equipped with one interwoven structure. The modern invention is also friendly to the environment. Do you know that its power is supported by an electric motor as well as solar cells?

In a few words, the futuristic cars presented above are highly efficient and unsusceptible to various road threats. Besides, they don’t cause any environmental damage.

Some futuristic cars


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